Inger, Brendan and I enjoy spending time watching TV shows and movies on streaming services via our Apple TV or on DVD/Bluray, and listening to music on our entertainment system, which comprises of the following components:

We replaced our previous setup in late 2010 with updated technology, freeing up space in our living room. The custom designed and built Class A-A-AB power amplifier is on long-term loan to my brother, Michael. We've decommissioned the Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and TiVo series 3.


We have a large collection of books (catalog hosted at LibraryThing).

Most of my stuff is Science Fiction, with a bit of fantasy from my younger days, as well as a smattering of other genres. Some of my favourite authors include: Isaac Asimov, Iain Banks, Greg Bear, Greg Benford, K.J Bishop, David Brin, Charlie Stross, Kim Newman, Alistair Reynolds, Dan Simmons, and Vernor Vinge.



My road bike is a Trek Madone 4.5.

My commuter bike is a Trek Soho 4.0, with a Shimano Alfine 8-speed internal hub gearbox, and disc brakes.

Inger is currently without a bike. Previouly she rode a Gazelle e-bike, which was a lovely ride but had unreliable electrics.

Brendan rides a Trek e-Bike.

public transport

We're occasional users of MyWay cards on Transport Canberra's bus network. We also have Myki for Melbourne.


We currently have a 2012 Prius C. The entertainment system is an aftermarket Sony XAV-AX100, with CarPlay support.

We were Car Free from September 2005 to February 2013.

We were members of Flexicar Car Sharing.

we've previously had a MY03 Subaru Liberty Heritage wagon, and a more stylish yet less reliable MY99 Audi S3.


Being a computer geek, I've obviously got a fair collection of hardware lying around. Here's an (incomplete) list of stuff that is in use:


We have a reasonable large and diverse music collection, including: ambient, blues, pop, rock, soundtracks, trance, and techno. One day I may put my CD database on the web, which makes it easier to work out who borrowed my CD's.

DVDs & videos

We've got a reasonable collection of DVDs, both movies and TV series that we enjoy.


We use our iPhone smartphones for taking photos.

We previous used a Canon Digital IXUS SD750 camera, and a Canon Digital IXUS S100, which served us well for nearly 5 years and over 5500 photos before the screen developed a crack and ceased to function.

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