A photo of Inger & Luke
A photo of Inger and me, from our wedding day, as taken by my brother-in-law, Mark Nottingham. (I've had a hair cut since then)


I live in Canberra, with my wife, Inger Blackford Mewburn. We were married on July 31, 1998, at a small family-only ceremony. We have a son, Brendan. We moved to Canberra at the end of 2013. Prior to that we lived in Melbourne.

Inger is an Associate Professor and the Director of Research Training at the Australian National University, and has a PhD in Architecture from the University of Melbourne.


I've worked for Softel Systems as a senior software developer since April 2008.

Prior to that, I worked at the following places:


I completed a degree in a Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Science), RMIT in 2000.

My four senior years at high school, which I completed in 1989, were at Melbourne High School.

contact details


Email: luke@mewburn.net
Postal: PO Box 8095, Australian National University, Acton, ACT, 2601
Cell phone: +61 419 361 266
PGP: public key and fingerprint

Email or phone is usually the best way to contact me.


Softel Systems
Postal: PO Box 307, Box Hill, Victoria, 3128
Email: Luke.Mewburn@softelsystems.com.au
Phone: +61 419 361 266


Email: lukem@NetBSD.org

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