A photo of Inger & Luke
A photo of Inger and me, from our wedding day, as taken by my brother-in-law, Mark Nottingham. (I've had a hair cut since then)


I live in Canberra, with my wife, Inger Blackford Mewburn. We were married on July 31, 1998, at a small family-only ceremony. We have a son, Brendan.

Inger is an Associate Professor and the Director of Research Training at the Australian National University, and has a PhD in Architecture from the University of Melbourne.


I've worked for Softel Systems as a senior software developer since April 2008.

Prior to that, I worked at the following places:


I completed a degree in a Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Science), RMIT in 2000.

My four senior years at high school, which I completed in 1989, were at Melbourne High School.

contact details


Email: luke@mewburn.net
Postal: PO Box 8095, Australian National University, Acton, ACT, 2601
Cell phone: +61 419 361 266
PGP: public key and fingerprint

Email is usually the best way to contact me.


Softel Systems
Postal: PO Box 222, Forest Hill, Victoria, 3131
Email: lukem@softelsystems.com.au
Phone: +61 3 8819 5328


Email: lukem@NetBSD.org

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